New technology to the aquaculture industry

Breakthrough technology from SkaMik provides sustainability, fish welfare, efficiency and profitability.

We are SkaMik AS

At SkaMik, we work every single day to develop and produce technology that contibutes to increased sustainability, better fish welfare and greater efficiency and profitability in the aquaculture industry.

Since 2009, SkaMik has provided cutting-edge technology for non-chemical delousing of salmon. Based on substantial evidence from a great number of installations – with more than 1 millions tonnes of treated salmon, it has been documented that our new mechanical delousing system SkaMik 1.5 provides the market’s best results. With close to 100 per cent effect, SkaMik already is an essential tool for some of the world’s most ambitious aquaculture companies.

In adittion to SkaMik 1.5, SkaMik AS also provides a range of other innovations. In close cooperation with partners in the marine and maritime industry, we participate in a number of exciting development projects.


SkaMik 1.5

Our upgraded version of SkaMik provides improved delousing, with close to 100 per cent effect on all stages.


Custom designed for Wellboats, Wellfighter is based on the highly successful SkaMik 1.5 design. Like SkaMik, 1.5, Wellfighter provides the market’s most efficient and gentle treatment of salmon.

Lumpfish Seperator

First in it’s kind, our Lumpfish Seperator ensures efficient and gentle seperation and return of lumpfish.

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