Sustainability and innovation

New design for better results

In close cooperation with leading researchers and ambitious Norwegian fish farmers, we develop solutions for sustainability and profitability in the aquaculture industry.

We have deloused more than one million tonnes of salmon, and have carried out several large scale projects to develop future solutions for non-medicinal and chemichal-free delousing. We have accuired an expertise in delousing, and can provide exeptional results from installations.

SkaMik 1.5 is the result of a continuous innovation and development process. Among our improvements are:

  • An improved and more controlled process, focusing on gentle treatment and fish welfare.
  • Optimizations for high and stable delousing-results in all production stages.
  • A standardized service- and maintenance program.
  • Reduced energy needs.

The results are clear. Through full-scale attempts and work operations, it is proved that SkaMik 1.5 removes practically all lice – regardless at what stage!


Results from delousing with SkaMik - Blue color: Moving lice, Orange color: Mature lice, Grey color: Total amount.

SkaMik 1.5 is designed to meet the fish farmer’s high demands in terms of mortality, fish welfare, efficiency and profitability.

  • Approximately 100 percent efficiency.
  • All lice are collected.
  • Large capacity: Up to 100 tonnes per year for each hour with SkaMik 1.5.
  • Several units can be parallel coupled for further increase of capacity.
  • Adapted to all sizes of Fish.
  • 100 percent non-medicinal and chemical-free – zero resistance!

You will never never get a lost feeding day back. SkaMik 1.5 is designed to give minimal loss of growth. This is how SkaMik 1.5 contributes to improved profitability for the users of the delousing technology.

  • Shorter periods without feeding
  • Fish are fed immediately after delousing
  • Delousing points which maintain production flow, while other parts of the fish farming system is treated

Customer experiences with SkaMik

«As far as we know, no one has managed to succed in developing a method that proves to be effective and has a high capacity, while safeguarding fish welfare. The developers behind SkaMik 1.5 have done a great job. We are proud to promote an innovation that has been developed in our own region, and we are looking forward to use this product.»

- SalmoNor AS

«NFT have great belief in SkaMik, and we are looking forward to further developing our company in close collaboration with our customers and SkaMik AS.»

- Norsk Fisketransport AS

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