SkaMik 1.5

Our market leading solution for non-medicinal and non-chemical delousing removes virtually all lice. SkaMik 1.5 is efficient (up to 100 tonnes per hour per unit) and can be easily dimensioned and adapted to vessels, rafts and fixed installations.


Refined deluosing system for use on wellboats. Wellfighter is based on the highly successful SkaMik 1.5 design. Just like SkaMik 1.5, wellfighter features the best effect in the market, while ensuring demands for optimal efficiency and fish welfare.

Lumpfish Seperator

As the first machine of its kind, SkaMik's Lumpfish Seperator provides efficient and safe seperation and return of lumpfish. Thus, cleaner fish can quickly continue their important work in the cages, without being subjected to stress in mechanical lice removal systems.

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