SkaMik 1.5

Our upgraded version of SkaMik provides improved delousing on all life cycle stages.

Based on substantial evidence from a great number of installations and more than 1 millions tonnes of treated salmon, we have carried out several large scale projects to improve our solution for non-medicinal and non-chemical delousing of salmon.

SkaMik 1.5 is the result of a continuous innovation and development process. Our newest version features a number of improvements:

  • An improved and more controllable process, focusing on gentle treatment and fish welfare.
  • Optimizations for high and stable delousing results at all lice stages.
  • Development of a standardized service and maintenance program.
  • Reduced energy needs.

The results are clear. Through full-scale trials and regular operations, it has been documented that SkaMik 1.5 removes virtually all salmon lice - regardless of life cycle stage!


Results from delousing with SkaMik - Blue color: Moving lice, Orange color: Mature lice, Grey color: Total amount.

SkaMik 1.5 is designed to meet fish farmers’ strict demands for fish welfare, efficiency and profitability.

  • Close to 100 percent efficiency.
  • All lice are collected.
  • Large capacity: Up to 100 tonnes per hour with SkaMik 1.5.
  • Several units can be parallel coupled for further increase of capacity.
  • Adapted to all Fish sizes.
  • 100 percent non-medicinal and chemical-free – zero resistance!

You will never never get a lost feeding day back. SkaMik 1.5 is designed to give minimal loss of growth, thus contributing to improved profitability.

  • Shorter periods without feeding.
  • The fish regains appetite immediately after treatment.
  • Delousing points which maintain production flow, while other parts of the fish farming system is treated.

SkaMik 1.5 can be combined with other operations, such as sorting, splitting and moving.

SkaMik 1.5 contributes to the environment through zero use and release of chemicals, 100 percent collection and destruction of lice, thus reducing infection pressure and risk of spreading resistant lice populations. For the fish farmer, SkaMik 1.5 contributes to smoother production, simplified internal logistics and lower delousing costs.

Product sheet, SkaMik 1.5

How it works:

SkaMik works both gently and efficiently. Balanced water distribution and low pressure ensures optimal fish welfare and appetite regaining. It only takes 15 seconds from the start of the process until the fish is back in the cage.

The treatment process starts with the fish being transported from the cage or tank (wellboat). The next stage seperates and transports the fish along transport lines to SkaMik 1.5. Inside the unit, the fish undergoes a number of treatments.

  • Drainage chamber
  • Flushing chamber
  • Brush chamber
  • Final flushing chamber

The actual process inside the SkaMik 1.5 only takes 1,5 seconds!

All salmon lice are collected in a filter system and destroyed. All process water is filtered.

Do you want to know more?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about SkaMik 1.5 or other aquaculture innovations from SkaMik AS.