Compact, flexible and custom designed for wellboats.

With Wellfighter we offer a scalable system for increased capacity, while the compact size enables permanent installation on wellboats.

Wellfighter is mainly based on the highly successful SkaMik 1.5 design - proven delousing technology, known for gentle treatment and the market's best effect in 2018. The unit is specially designed to reduce the time spent on freshwater treatment.

Wellfighter is compact, affordable, space saving and has high capacity (60 tonnes per hour per unit). The system is mounted on existing unloading systems on board and also enables delousing on the way to processing plants or waiting cages. Wellfighter can be used as a standalone delousing system or in combination with other delousing methods.

In choosing a design solution, we have prioritized easy access to critical components:

  • Compact unit which takes up little deck space, enables permanent installation on well boats.
  • Expandable system for increased capacity.
  • Retractable cartridges with raise. and lowering function for easy cleaning and service access.
  • Rear inspection hatch for access to grid.
  • Integrated lifting points for handling on deck and off-season Storage.



Do you want to know more?

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